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Flag Plaza Scout Center
1275 Bedford Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-3699
Ebensburg Service Center Cumberland Service Center
201 W. High St., Ste. 1 14416 McMullen Hwy SW
Ebensburg, PA 15931 Cumberland, MD 21502
814-471-1090 301-729-1300
Scout Executive Sharon Moulds 412-325-7979
Administrative Assistant to Scout Executive and Director of Development Carolyn Guzik 412-325-7901
Office Manager and Media/IT Director Charles Huse   412-325-7950
Customer Service Manager Jamie Ream 412-325-7965
Council Controller Margaret Schweinsberg 412-325-7906
Customer Service Representative - Pittsburgh Carol King 412-325-7904
Data Entry Specialist George Jones 412-325-7977
Flag Plaza Services Assistant Channing Garrett 412-325-7902
Service Center Manager - Ebensburg Sharon Jackson 814-471-1090 x 7103
Customer Service Representative - Ebensburg Connie Cvejkus 814-471-1090 x 7101 
Service Center Manager - Cumberland Terri Cassidy 301-729-1300 x 7150
Service Center Representative - Cumberland Carrie Robertson 301-729-1300 x 7151
Director of Development Vacant 412-325-7910
Development Director Mark McHaddon 412-325-7992
Development Secretary Fariba Shakeri 412-325-7912
Development Director  Michele Brenneman 814-471-1090 x 7109
Director of Program William Park 412-325-7920
Assistant to Outdoor Adventure Mollieann Gray 412-325-7921
Camping Director Mike Manner 412-325-7914
Program Director Daniel Lindh 412-325-7925
Field Service
Director of Field Service Alan Parks 412-325-7930
Assistant Director of Field Service Tracey Burkey 412-325-7995
Administrative Assistant - Field Service Tina Debnam 412-325-7931 
Field Staff Support Amanda Smith 412-325-7936
District Executive Brooke Parker Beaver Valley 412-325-7978
District Director Tim McClure Chestnut Ridge 814-471-1090 x 7111
District Executive Steve DiMiceli Chief Logan  814-471-1090 x 7108
District Executive Bryan Stein Eagle Valley 412-325-7975
District Director James Douglas Forbes Trail 814-471-1090 x 7110
District Director James Douglas Fort Bedford 814-471-1090 x 7110
Senior District Executive
Frontier 412-325-7974
Distirct Executive Andy Shissler General Greene 412-325-7976
District Executive Blair Patterson Japeechen 412-325-7966
District Director Tim McClure Keystone 814-471-1090 x 7111
District Director Alahna O'Brien Lackawanna 412-325-7963
District Executive Emily Zapach
Mingo Trails 412-325-7968
Distirct Executive Andy Shissler Mon Valley 412-325-7976
District Director
Tim McClure
Potomac  814-471-1090 x 7111
District Executive Daniel Brown Potomac 301-729-1300 x 7153 
District Executive Michael Kane Potomac 301-729-1300 x 7152
District Executive Alex Stavros Scoutreach 412-325-7967
Special Project Professional Jason Flowers Scoutreach/TrailBlazer 412-325-7972
District Executive Walter Winkler Seneca 412-325-7975
District Executive Bob Zelleznick TrailBlazer 412-325-7973




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