Staffing Model

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LHC District Scouters:

As you may have been hearing, we have made a few modifications to our current staffing model.  After meeting several of you and speaking with you about your districts and about our staff, Tim came to a few conclusions.  One being that you miss having “your guy”, your very own staff person who you could work with, count on and that knows you and your committees intimately.  Another is that there is still confusion within our volunteer ranks of who on our staff does what and who you should call for assistance.  We want to assure you that we are on a constant quest to provide the service you need and want from our staff. 

We believe that by combing the current Unit Service and Membership positions while giving our staff a smaller area to work in will help solve the issues we discussed above.  We will call this position the Service Executive, and in most cases will cover a single district.  As always there are some exceptions.  A program Executive will still be in place that will cover the entire Service Area for program related items.  Select the link below to see a document that explains what roles each of our Executive staff will be responsible for and where they will serve. 

We welcome open communication, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your concerns and comments.  We hope you will find that these changes are intended to help further our Scouting Movement and to provide better service to you.

In Scouting,

Joe Milharcic, Director of Field Service; (412) 325-7930


Executive Roles