Check-In/ Check-Out Process

Camp Seph Mack Check-In Process

With many Scouts and Leaders arriving and checking in at the same time, we need your help. We want to make this the easiest, fastest and most efficient check-in process you’ve ever experienced. Staff will be available in the parking lot and at various check-in points to assist wherever needed.

  1. Upon arrival at CSM your unit should gather in the parking lot and will be asked to wait at the gate until 1:30 p.m. before proceeding to the camp. If you prefer not to wait in line, the line is usually gone by 2:30 p.m. Please arrive prior to 3:00 p.m. to be able to complete all check-in procedures before dinner.
  2. A member of the staff will meet you in the parking area and be your campsite host and will assist and lead your unit throughout the entire check-in procedure as well as give you a tour of camp so everyone is familiar with where things are located. They will provide a packet of information related to your stay.
  3. The unit leader responsible for all registration matters will report directly to the OA Pavilion with a complete roster, payment history, any advancement changes and a form of payment for any unpaid fees. Unit bills will be settled at this time. Guest meals and Order of the Arrow fees are paid during the week.
  4. Move into your campsite with your gear. Only one vehicle per unit will be allowed to go past the parking lot and into your campsite. Unit trailers are allowed in most sites and must be parked in designated areas.
  5. As soon as possible, change into your swimming suits, grab a towel, put on shoes and continue to the medical recheck station. (You can come to camp wearing your swimsuit to save time.) Be sure to have all the medical forms with you. Be prepared to present a copy of everyone’s forms for camp to keep in alphabetical order at the medical recheck station at the OA Pavilion.
  6. After your medical recheck, you will receive the dining hall orientation.
  7. Next, you will move to the Aquatics area to complete swim tests. This is required for anyone to enter the Aquatics are during your stay.
  8. Return to your campsite, review and inspect camp issued gear with your campsite host, change clothes for the evening meal (Scout uniform), and finish your campsite set-up.
  9. Flag lowering will be at 5:50 p.m. with dinner following in the dining hall.

Advancement Sign ups at Camp Seph Mack

  • When you arrive, you will receive a print out of all your Scouts/Scouters and what merit badges/activities they are registered for according to the Online Registration System.
  • See someone at the OA Pavilions on the day you arrive for questions about what advancement opportunities your Scouts should take or registration procedures.
  • You will have the afternoon to look over the advancement printout and bring any changes (additions, deletions, etc.) to the Camp Office. At the absolute latest you need to turn these in at the Camp Office prior to dinner.

Early Arrival

Because of our staff schedule, please Do Not arrive at camp prior to 1:30 to check-in.

Camp Seph Mack Check-Out Process

With as many as 200 Scouts and Leaders departing at the same time, we need your help. We want to make this the easiest, fastest, and most efficient check-out process you’ve ever experienced. Staff will be available in the parking lot and at various check-out points to assist wherever needed.


Pick up your breakfast at 8 a.m. from the dining hall.

Campsite Checkout

  • Sweep the floors and wipe down walls in the campsite latrine. Scrub and clean urinal, toilet seats, and washbasin. Be sure to wear gloves and wash hands afterward.
  • Wash and rinse picnic tables.
  • Return items checked out from the Quartermaster.
  • Pick up all trash in and around your campsite. Sort your trash and take it to the dumpsters in the parking lots.
  • Review your campsite and camp equipment with your campsite host.
  • Settle your unit’s account, pick up your patches and Troop photos, and turn in your Adult Leader and youth evaluations at the Camp Office.
  • Sign up for Seph Mack 2015 if you have not already.