Cub Scout Program

Campwide Programs

Opening Campfire, 4:30-5:40 p.m., Council Circle - All sessions
Before dinner join us in an exciting welcome to camp and meet the staff. Celebrate landing on the Isle of Independence with the rest of the pirates led by our two Captains.

Tribal Trials, 7-8:30 p.m., Council Circle - All sessions
Search for the Big Cat people in hopes of making peaceful relations. Prove yourself through tribal games and trials as you bring together the pieces that will point you in the direction of your next big discovery.

Star Gazing, 9-10 p.m., Nature Shelters- All session
Weather permitting, join us for a look at the night sky and learn about stars, galaxies and the Milky Way – earn the Astronomers Belt Loop. Day announced at the leaders’ meeting.

Open Program, 7-8:30 p.m., Council Circle - Webelos 4 Night and Cub 3 Night
So many choices and so much fun! You are free to roam and choose from archery, BB guns, slingshots, rock throwing, BMX biking (Webelos), swimming, boating and fishing.

Closing Campfire, 7-8:30 p.m., Council Circle - All sessions
After dinner join us in a joyous celebration at the closing campfire. Participate and watch the staff perform in this great event.

Flag Ceremonies, 7:50 a.m. and 5:50 p.m daily - All sessions
Each day, we will have flag raising and lowering ceremonies. For the flag lowering and evening meal please wear your complete Scout uniform. Scouts may assist with the 13 colonies on a first come first serve basis. Packs may sign up in the program hall to raise or lower the American, Camp Independence or Greater Pittsburgh Council flag. An adult and five Scouts that are able to fold a flag are needed for each.

Honor Necklaces
On the first day in camp, each Scout will make their own Honor Necklace. The rounder, beads and claws will take on special meaning.

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The Aquatic area is designed to test a Scout’s “Endurance and Courage” as they focus on activities surrounding Lake Courage and in Independence Cove. Please note that most activities require taking the National Boy Scouts of America swimming ability test. This test will classify you at a particular swimming ability level. Certain activities in this area require specific swimming a bility levels.

Cub Scout Activities

  • Huck Finn Raft: Paddle our 20 plus person raft around the lake just like Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer did.

Cub Scout and Webelos Activities

  • Swimming: Learn some new water games, or try to enhance your skills to increase your ability level
  • Row Boating: Use one of our camp row boats to paddle around Lake Courage
  • Fishing Piers: Try to catch the big one from the shores of Independence Cove, or from one of our four fishing piers. There is a camp competition for the largest fish caught throughout the week

Basic Rules

  • All waterfront activities will take place in authorized areas under the direct supervision of the Aquatics staff. Anyone violating this rule will be dismissed from camp immediately
  • The use of all watercraft is restricted to when staff has opened the beach and proper supervision is present
  • If the waterfront is closed, no one is to walk on the beach or go through the perimeter.
  • The Buddy System will be used at all times

Fishing Guidelines and Policies

  • No live bait, except worms
  • Fishing is not permitted in or near any swimming or boating areas. Lines should not be cast toward the swimming area ropes, or flotation device
    Fishing is not permitted from canoes, funoes or swimming and boating docks
  • No casting from piers - only drop line fishing
  • The trading post sells bait and fishing supplies

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Ecology Conservation

The Ecology Adventure Area is designed to test a Scout’s “Knowledge and Honor” as they participate in adventures in the outdoors.

Cub Scout and Webelos Activities

  • Nature: Introduce yourself to the natural world of Camp Independence on our exciting nature hike and in our outdoor laboratory
  • Check out our collection of animals and reptiles in our very own zoo.
  • Outstanding Acorn Award: Learn about conservation and help us protect and maintain the nature of camp with a service project.

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Field Sports

The Field Sports area is designed to test a Scout’s “Skill and Marksmanship” as they are introduced to range activities including safety, accuracy and positioning.

Cub Scout and Webelos Activities

  • Archery Belt Loop: Safely use archery equipment and shoot at stationary targets.
  • Sling Shot Range: Use camp sling shots to shoot provided ammunition at targets.
  • Rock Throwing: The ONLY place you can put your rock throwing skills to the test.
  • BB Gun Belt Loop: Test their marksmanship skills and learn safe shooting while completing requirements to earn the BB Gun Belt Loop.

Area Rules

  • You must ask permission to enter all ranges and trails
  • A red flag means that someone is present and ready to let you enter. No red flag means that a staff member has not arrived, or is not ready.
  • Wait for the red flag to be raised before asking permission to enter
  • Do not cross deadlines located around camp. These are indicated by bright-colored surveyors tape tied to twine
  • The Rock Throwing Range is the ONLY location in camp where rocks can be thrown
  • Do not bring any of your own equipment to camp. You will not be permitted to use it
  • Always wear eye protection
  • Keep equipment aimed down range at all times
  • No running, candy, snacks or drinks
  • Do not dry fire the bows, BB guns or sling shots

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Outback Adventure

The Outback Adventure Area is designed to test a Scout’s “Survival and Energy” as they participate to learn the basics of camping in the outdoors and survival. The Scouts will also have their energy and enthusiasm tested as they take the physical challenges of the Outback.

Cub Scout and Webelos Activities

  • Sports: Time is scheduled to enjoy a variety of athletic sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball and softball.
  • Sponge War: join us at Fort Washington for a wet and wild adventure testing your agility, and reflexes in an all out wet and wild sponge war!
  • Theme: A great program that brings the theme to life.
  • Frisbee Golf: Test your coordination and accuracy as you enjoy a friendly game on our very own course (free time activity).
  • Mini Golf: Practice your putting on our mini golf course (free time activity).
  • UPMC Fit Trail: learn about fitness and regular exercise on our Fit Trail (free time activity).

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Advancement Opportunities

During each camp session, there are opportunities for advancement. Scouts choose from a variety of advancements below. Staff members will lead Scouts in learning with a twist of fun.

Offered During Advancement Time

All Ranks

  • Art Belt Loop – Learn about primary and secondary colors and elements of design.
  • Basketball Belt Loop – All the skills and rules and time to play a game too.
  • Fishing Belt Loop – Learn to bait a hook, give fishing a try and regulations and safety.
  • Geology Belt Loop – Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Rocks you say? What are they and how are they made? Make a pet rock too.
  • Map and Compass Belt Loop – All the ins and outs of finding your way with a map and compass. Learn about reading a map and what the signs mean. Learn how to make your own compass from a magnet and pin.
  • Music Belt Loop – Learn why music is important to our culture, different kinds of music and a new song to share.
  • Soccer Belt Loop – All the skills and rules and time to play a game too.
  • Tennis Belt Loop – All the skills and rules and time to play a game too.
  • Ultimate Frisbee Belt Loop – All the skills and rules and time to play a game too.
  • Volleyball Belt Loop – All the skills and rules and time to play a game too.
  • Weather Belt Loop – Learn about rainfall, temperature, air pressure, and evaporation.
  • Wildlife Conservation Belt Loop – Natural resources, food chains and endangered species. Make a plaster cast of an animal track too.
  • Whittling Chip – Learn what is takes to be safe with a pocketknife. Completion allows Scout to use and carry a pocketknife at approved Cub Scout events.

Offered in Program Areas

All Ranks

  • Archery Belt Loop – An introduction to Archery. Learn about shooting and safety.
  • Astronomy Belt Loop – Explore the world of stars and planets. Learn about telescopes and what can be seen with them. Evening program, weather permitting.
  • BB Shooting Belt Loop – An introduction to safety rules and how to shoot.
  • Swimming Belt Loop – Learn about swimming safely and using the buddy system. Play a water game with other Scouts.

Requirement Completion and Attendance
Tracking of attendance and completion of requirements is the responsibility of the adults in your unit. The staff will lead sessions that cover an assortment of requirements. In some cases they will cover all requirements and in others there will be requirements that need to be completed after camp. A list of what requirements were covered in each session will be available upon check out.

Advancement Sign Up
The summer camp coordinator should enter all advancement selections into the Online System beginning April 15 until one week before camp.

Advancement Schedule
Each of the advancement opportunities listed below is offered on the respective day at 9 a.m. Longer camp sessions will have more advancement sessions.

Day 2

Ultimate Belt Loop
Fishing Belt Loop
Wildlife Conservation Belt Loop
Whittling Chip
Map and Compass Belt Loop
Geology Belt Loop
Volleyball Belt Loop
Basketball Belt Loop
Art Belt Loop 

Day 3 Ultimate Belt Loop
Fishing Belt Loop
Wildlife Conservation Belt Loop
Whittling Chip
Map and Compass Belt Loop
Tennis Belt Loop
Music Belt Loop
Weather Belt Loop
Soccer Belt Loop


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Leader Programs

With everything in store for the “big kid” campers, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t have even more fun than the Scouts!

Help Us Help You
We understand that your own unit’s interests are the number one priority, but we welcome your assistance to make Heritage even better. We ask that you help contribute to the camp with any special skills that you have. Help is always appreciated within program areas, advancement instruction, guarding on the Waterfront and service projects.

Adult Leader Service Award
Have you always wanted to earn your own award? Pick up a list of the requirements in the Program Hall to get started exploring camp, participating in activities and helping Scouts have a great camping experience. This program is an explosion of fun. Open to ALL leaders.

Youth Protection
All Cub Scout and Boy Scout adult volunteers should take this course. It covers the Boy Scouts of America’s Youth Protection policies, kinds of abuse, signs of abuse, how to respond to disclosure of abuse and proper reporting procedures.

Leave No Trace
Learn the basics of outdoor ethics, how it relates to the Boy Scouts of America and how to start implementing it in your unit.

Safe Swim Defense
Learn what it takes to safely operate swimming programs within your unit.

Climb on Safely
Training which outlines the procedure for organizing Boy Scouts of America climbing and bouldering activities at specifically designed facility such as a climbing wall or tower.

Risk Zone
This required course for all Greater Pittsburgh Council units informs you how to minimize the risk in Scouting activities.

Canoe Challenge
Teams of four adults challenge the staff in this in this wild and crazy race for nothing other than bragging rights.


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