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Are you looking for a Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop, or a Venturing Crew?

  • Cub Scout Pack (7 - 10 year olds) - Cub Scouting is a year round family program designed for boys who are about 7 to 10 years old.  Parents, leaders, and organizations work together to achieve the purposes of Cub Scouting.
  • A Boy Scout Troop (11 - 17 year olds) - Boy Scouting is a year-round program for boys around the ages of 11 - 17.  Through the Boy Scout program, young men can achieve the core objectives of strengthening character, personal fitness and good citizenship.
  • A Venturing Crew (young men and women who are 14 - 20 years of age) - Venturing is a youth development program of the Boy Scouts of America for young men and women who are around 14 through 20 years of age.  Venturing's purpose is to prepare young people to become responsible and caring adults.
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Pack 0405
Baden United Methodist Church
Joseph Georgakis Cubmaster
Michelle Lynn Georgakis Committee Chairman (

Pack 0406  
First Presbyterian Church Name
John Saunders III Cubmaster (
Kristen Schier Committee Chairman (

Pack 0407
Chippewa United Presbyterian
Judson Herter Cubmaster (
Robin Kahle Committee Chairman

Pack 0409
Chippewa United Methodist Church
Marc Andrew Grivna Cubmaster (
Robert Alan Kennelly Committee Chairman (

Pack 0414
Rehoboth Evangelical Lutheran Church
Shawn  Houy Cubmaster (
Wendy Ann Short Committee Chairman (

Pack 0416
Four Mile Presbyterian Church
Randy J Lusky Cubmaster (
Cynthia Elaine Smith Committee Chairman (

Pack 0420
Zelienople Church of the Nazarene
Mandy Lynn Fox Committee Chairman (
Raymond Milton Krummert Cubmaster

Pack 0423
St. Francis Cabrini
John E Kennelly Committee Chairman (
John Michael Super Cubmaster (

Pack 0426
Fairview School
Donna Steff Committee Chairman (

Pack 0435
Our Lady of Fatima Church
Stephen Fritz Cubmaster (
Robert Steigerwald Committee Chairman (

Pack 0436
Faith Community Church
Thomas Emory Hines Cubmaster (
Anthony F Petruccelli Committee Chairman (

Pack 0437
Mount Pleasant Church
Charissa Yoko-Schwartz Cubmaster (

Pack 0444
New Sewickley Presbyterian Church
Jamie Lea Guttermuth Committee Chairman (  

Pack 0496
Mill Creek United Presbyterian Church
Jeffrey Edward Ash Cubmaster (  
April J Carpenter Committee Chairman (

Pack 0498
Ambridge American Legion Post 341
Robert Betters Committee Chairman (
Zachary Mycyk Cubmaster (

Pack 0499
Brighton Twp Volunteer Fire Dept
Jennifer Lee Hickman Committee Chairman (

Pack 0558
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Beaver Valley Ward
Nathan Andrew Allen Cubmaster (
Keith H Neeley Committee Chairman (

Pack 0729
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Stefanie Jo Bianculli Committee Chairman (

Crew 0423
Center Twp. VFD No 38
Marcy L Madl Committee Chairman (
Stanley John Riffle Venturing Crew Advisor (  

Crew 0488
Vanport Volunteer Fire Department
Andrew R Kullen Venturing Crew Advisor (
Craig W Nunamaker Committee Chairman (

Troop 0405
Baden Scouters Committee
Rick J Henry Scoutmaster (  
John P Varhol Jr Committee Chairman (

Troop 0406
First Presbyterian Church
Kevin Mark Selavko Scoutmaster (
Gerald Louis Vukovcan Jr Committee Chairman (

Troop 0407
Chippewa United Presbyterian Church
Judson Herter Scoutmaster (
Derek Spinnenweber Committee Chairman (  

Troop 0409
Chippewa United Methodist
George Herman Committee Chairman (

Troop 0414
Rehoboth Evangelical Lutheran Church
Chad Michael Pcsolyar Committee Chairman (
Brad R Weedon Phd Scoutmaster (

Troop 0416
Four Mile Presbyterian Church
Randy J Lusky Scoutmaster (  
Cynthia Elaine Smith Committee Chairman (  

Troop 0420
North Sewickley Township
Timothy Edward Kroll Scoutmaster (

Troop 0423
Center Twp. VFD No 36
Marcy L Madl Committee Chairman (  
Lance Garner Martin Scoutmaster (  

Troop 0425
Fairview Grange 1351
Greg Allen Altenbaugh Scoutmaster (
Charles Campbell Committee Chairman (

Troop 0427
Conway Volunteer Fire Department us
Michael David McKenna Committee Chairman (  

Troop 0435
Hopewell Twp Recreation
Amy Marie Gould Committee Chairman (
David Anthony Parish Scoutmaster (

Troop 0436
Faith Community Church
John Farmer Committee Chairman (
Anthony Arthur Petruccelli Scoutmaster (

Troop 0437
Potter Twp Volunteer Fire Dept
Michael J Given Scoutmaster (

Troop 0444
Big Knob Grange #2008
John Paul Everette Scoutmaster (
Sally Jo Smith Committee Chairman (

Troop 0469
Hope Lutheran Church
Ronald Cageao Committee Chairman (  
John Cruzan Scoutmaster (

Troop 0486
Ohio United Presbyterian Church
Joseph Ozimok Sr Committee Chairman (
William Watters Jr Scoutmaster (

Troop 0496
Mill Creek U P Church of Hookstown
Larry Infantozzi Scoutmaster
Joanne Reeher Committee Chairman (

Troop 0498
American Legion Post 341
Brandon Scott Kerr Committee Chairman (
Kenneth Leon Kowalsky Scoutmaster (

Troop 0558
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Beaver Valley Ward
Scott Jason Giaimo Committee Chairman (
Peter James Grundberg Scoutmaster

Troop 0720
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Brian Little Scoutmaster (
Rebecca  McDaniels Committee Chairman (

Troop 0766
Brighton Township Vol Fire
Scott Allen Hartman Committee Chairman (
Christopher J Palombo Scoutmaster (