Japeechen District Commissioner Staff

Commissioners are the unit service arm of our District;
they serve as friends, coaches, and mentors to unit leaders
to help them deliver the promise of Scouting to youth.
Commissioners help units use Journey to Excellence to
prepare for and implement an outstanding year of Scouting.
Commissioners assist units in the annual chartering process.
Commissioners also are responsible for monthly Roundtable
meetings to share information, conduct training, and connect
unit leaders with District and Council resources.

Commissioners are ready to help in any way to give all
Packs, Troops, and Crews the opportunity to succeed.

Commissioner Contacts:

District Commissioner:Bill Ammer
(412) 389 4429
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner:

Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner:

Unit Commissioners:

Commissioner Staff Resources:

Laurel Highlands Council Commissioners Website:
(Meeting and training schedules, agendas, events, awards, resources and links)

BSA Commissioners Website:
(Manuals, training, JTE, best practices, magazines, newsletters,
charter renewal, Commissioner Tools, Roundtable support)