Lackawanna District

Just a reminder - Roundtable will be

February 11th at

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church -- 7pm.

****Roundtable Location will be changing in March to CCAC Boyce Campus****

District Key Leadership

Senior District Executive Alahna Bell (724) 309 3552
District Chairman Mike Wojcik (412) 736 3637
District Commissioner Dave English (412) 527 2336
Vice-Chair Program
John Foster
(412) 612 7310
Vice-Chair Membership
John Draganosky
(412) 519 3075
FOS Chair
Keith Kondrich
(412) 523 1441
Popcorn Chair
Linda Winkler
(412) 612 1180
Advancement Chair
Tom Strong
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Paul Myers
(412) 613 6596
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Dave Stiffey
(412) 829 2078



Click the link below to register for the District Pinewood Derby on March 8th.

We will accept the top 4 racers in your pack. ($5 per participant)

More information will follow at roundtable:  Register for the District Pinewood Derby!

Click the link below to register for the Cub Winterfest.

The date has moved to March 14th.

Register for Cub Winterfest on March 14




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