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Shelter for Penn Hills Bus Riders


Local Boy Scouts Learn Important First Aid Skills
Some local Boy Scouts spent the weekend learning First Aid skills at CMU
KDKA's Sarah Arbogast reports.

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EAGLE Scout Project Benefits Animal Shelter

Information on BSA's Eliminated Tour and Activity Plan

Boy Scouts of America National Office Press Release

Bryan On Scouting - BSA's Tour and Activity Plan Information

Changes Made to the Cub Scouts Adventures Program

Cub Scout Advancement Modifications

Complete List of Modifications

How Cub Scouting Offers Den Leaders More Flexibility
(A Bryan On Scouting Blog Article)

Answers to Your Questions about the Cub Scouts Modifications
(A Bryan On Scouting Blog Article)


There is some confusion within our units about the use of Scout Accounts and
how to manage the funds of each individual Scout.

Here are some helpful links and documents to help clear the air in regards
to money and making sure that we do not violate any IRS Rules and Regulations.

Individual Scout Accounts (A Bryan On Scouting article)

Unit Fundraising Do's and Don'ts (A Bryan On Scouting article)

10 Fundraising Tips to Maximize Profits and FUN!! (A Bryan On Scouting article)

FORMS & Information:

Unit Money Earnings Application - PDF Download

Fiscal Policies and Procedures for BSA Units - PDF Download

FAQ - Individual Scout Accounts and Fundraising by BSA Units - PDF Download

Changes Made to My.Scouting.org

In an effort to move towards simplification, we have consolidated the two volunteer sites,
myscouting.org and my.scouting.org. The remaining links in the legacy myscouting.org were
moved to my.scouting.org and appear in the Menu drop down list under Legacy Web Tools.

The links include:
•       BeAScout
•       Best Practices Portal
•       Internet Advancement
•       Internet Rechartering
•       Journey to Excellence
•       Manage Member ID
•       National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course
•       Service Hours Reporting
•       Tour and Activity Plan
•       Voice of the Scout
Access to these services is still dependent on one’s registered position. So for example,
if your myscouting.org login gave you access to Journey to Excellence in your Council Tools
on the left side menu, then you will now access this same dashboard by logging into my.scouting.org,
select Menu and then Legacy Web Tools in the dropdown list.
We also moved the ability to manage your member/person ID’s that was previously located in the profile
section to a new tool called Manage Member ID.  If you have multiple member numbers
(for example you are registered in more than one council) and you need to add or change one and set as
primary for your my.scouting.org role, then select Manage Member ID from the drop down list.

Once the change is made you must log out and log back in to have the system recognize the alternate membership,
its corresponding security and tools access.

This consolidation was made to eliminate ongoing frustration about needing to go to two different places.
We hope you agree this is a positive step forward!
-Debra Kendrew
Member Applications Manager
Boy Scouts of America

Eagle Scout Rank Verification Process

Your Pack and Your Troop: News, Events, and Activities

Would you like to have other Units join your Unit in a activity or event? How about telling others of a recent
happening about your Unit? Then we would like to hear from you and your Unit!

Tell us about the activities and events that your Unit is planning. They can be posted here where other units can see what
other things are happening in the District. If your Unit would like to post any activity/event information,
please send an email with all of the activity/event details and any necessary forms to be posted in this space.