2017 Mon Valley District Pinewood Derby

Please note revised dates as of 1/4/17.

1st and 2nd place winners from the Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Arrow of Light division from each Pack are eligible to compete in the District race.  If 1st or 2nd place winners can not attend, 3rdplace winners or other alternates are eligible to take their place.

Dates:  February 17 and 18, 2017.

Location:  St. Sebastian Hall (801 Broad Ave, Belle Vernon PA)

Registration: Friday, February 17 from 6PM - 8PM.

Race day: Saturday, February 18 with the race times as follows:

09:00AM  Arrow of Light

10:00AM  Webelos

11:00AM  Bear

12:00PM  Wolf

01:00PM  Tiger

02:00PM   Overall District champion race. 

Scouts should arrive 15 minutes prior to their race times.

The rules are attached. Scouts should be in Class A (uniform shirt and scarf) for race day but uniforms are not needed for registration.

Scouts must be present and accompanied by an adult for both registration and race day at the indicated times. 

Car must be registered on Friday night.  Absolutely no exceptions.

Packs are required to pay a $30 fee to help with the cost of the event  This fee must be paid by the February 7th, 2017 Roundtable.


Good Sportsmanship is to be practiced at all times by Scouts & Adults.


Questions should be directed to event coordinator, cm1446@yahoo.com

2017 Mon Valley  District Pinewood Derby Rules

  1. Each Cub Scout must use an official Cub Scout Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit for this current year program.   

  2. Wheel bearings, washers, bushings of any kind are not permitted.

  3. Wheels and Axles must be from the official Cub Scout Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit.  Or you may use the colored official BSA wheels sold at the scout shop to enhance the look of the car.   Wheels may not be altered in any way that drastically changes the outer or inner shape of the wheel (Over rounding, carving to a pointed ridge, channeling, angling, etc. are prohibited). Mold projections and sharp edges on wheel treads may be removed by sanding or trimming. There must be visible tread nubs on the outer perimeter of each wheel.

  4. Overall body width is not to exceed 7”, overall body height is not to exceed 4”, overall body width (including wheels) is not  to exceed 2 3/4”, distance between the wheels must be 1 ¾”,  the distance between the front and rear axles must be 4 3/8”,  and the weight of the car can not exceed 5 oz.

  5. Hubcaps, wheel caps or wheel coverings of any kind are NOT permitted.

  6. No sharp or loose objects of any kind are permitted inside or outside the car.  Any added items must be firmly secured to the car.  Tape is not an acceptable adhesive.

  7. No motors or propellant may be used on the cars.

  8. A parent or guardian is to be with the Cub Scout during registration (weigh-in) and during the race. Scouts must be present for the weigh-in and race day. Cars will not be registered after the Friday weigh-in.  There will be no exceptions to this rule!

  9. No oil, grease or silicone spray should be used on the wheels or axles.  Only powdered graphite powder is permissible and  must be applied prior to placing the car in the “PIT” area during weigh-in.  Additional graphite  may not be applied between races except before the District Championship race which will be done by calling  scouts up in groups of 5 or 6 to apply at designated area to graphite by hand (apply the graphite from the tube onto the axles and wheels) with the help of a parent or guardian

  10. All registered cars will be given a Derby identification number affixed to the bottom of the car by the registrar at weigh-in and then placed immediately in the “PIT” area.

  11. Once a car is placed in the “PIT” area, it is NOT allowed to leave for adjustments, adding graphite , etc..

  12. Only emergency repairs may be completed during the races (e.g. a wheel falling off).  Repair time will not exceed 5 minutes and is to be accomplished by the Cub Scout and ONE adult in the designated area. NO graphite may be applied during the repair.

  13. NO ONE except for the race officials working in the “PIT” area is allowed in the “PIT” area

  14. At the start of each race, the Cub Scout’s name and number will be called out. The Cub Scout will walk to the end of the track. When all the scouts are at end of the track, the race will begin. Scouts will bring the cars back to Pit at the end of race.

  15. The Cub Scout must be present to race his car.  If the Cub Scout is not present at the time his name and number are called to race, the Cub Scout will be charged with a loss, and the race continues.

  16. In the event of a tie, the race will be re-run immediately.  The cars will be placed on the same lanes that they previously were run on.  If another tie occurs, the lanes will be switched. This will continue until a winner is determined. Also if the finish line indicator is not reset and the race is run. the line judge will call the race if possible.  If not, the finish line indictor will be reset and the race rerun on the same lanes.

  17. The Derby Master Software being used to run the Derby will randomly assign lanes.

  18. If a car should jump the track during a race, the track will be inspected for possible problems and the cars will be posted once again on the same lanes and re-run.  If the same car jumps the track a second time, and it is determined that there is no problem with the track, it will be considered a loss, and the next race will begin.

  19. Remember that this is a double elimination race.  You must lose TWO races to be out of the derby.

  20. PLEASE REMEMBER The Pinewood Derby Race is something that is supposed to be fun for all.  We are all friends and scouts.  Arguments pose nothing more than bad examples for our Cub Scouts and youth.  The use of bad language or inappropriate gestures will result in disqualification of the Scout from the race, and those involved will be asked to leave.  We have tried to give you a Pinewood Derby that is fair and as straight forward to all participating.  As in the past, sometimes unexpected things happen during the Derby and a decision or ruling has to be made with “fairness to all” being the most important concern.  This can be a very difficult task and your understating that the judges will make the best ruling possible is appreciated.  The decision and ruling of the Judges shall be final.