Post 10 Scholarship 2017

The Ken Alrutz/Bob Moreland Scholarship is given annually to partially fund a scout’s registration for a High Adventure/Camping activity.  These activities include any Scout Camp facility owned by Laurel Highlands Council, Florida Sea Base, Philmont Scout Reservation, Northern Tier High Adventure Base, Summit High Adventure Base, BSA National Jamboree, World Scout Jamboree.  All these activities are annual activities The jamborees occur every four years alternating world and national every two years.

Eligibility:  Registration is open to all currently registered Boy Scouts and Ventures in Laurel Highlands Council’s Potomac District. 

Scholarship application period: The scholarship application cycle goes from after the presentation at the Potomac District Spring Camporee until March 17, 2017.

Application:  Applications will be sent out to Scouts and Venturers annually in the first two weeks of the year.  Download the Scholarship Form

About the Ken Alrutz/Bob Moreland Scholarship

Ken Alrutz, was Post 10 La Vale’s compass from 1962 until being transferred by PPG in 1970.  Bob Moreland, served as the lieutenant, guiding the Post 10 ship from its founding in 1958 until it met its end in 1982.  He sang, he prayed, he laughed.

With the leadership, tutelage and mentoring of these two giants, the crew of Explorers became men.  They learned ethics and values.  They learned perseverance and humility.  They learned faithfulness and reverence. They learned how to lead and how to follow.  They became lawyers, educators, actors and engineers.   They became business owners and community and civic leaders and became husbands and fathers. Much of our collective success may be attributed to those lessons we learned from the leaders:  Ken Alrutz and Bob Moreland.  They changed lives.

It is with this in mind that the Post 10 alumnae created a scholarship in their name that will, in perpetuity, send scouts from the Potomac District to camp, whether it’s a local summer camp, a BSA High Adventure Camp or a National or World Jamboree.  Mr. A and Mr. Moreland’s memory and leadership lessons will live on…forever.  

Download the Scholarship Form

Actor William H. Macy, reminiscing about his days in Scouting, helps send Scouts to camp.

Movie Star

William H. Macy was weeping.

But there were no cameras around; these tears were real. The year was 1965 — decades before the Oscar-nominated actor gained fame for his roles in Fargo, Jurassic Park III and Pleasantville, among others. 

Macy, a member of Explorer Post 10, was halfway into a mile-long portage at the Boy Scouts of America’s Region 7 Canoe Base in northern Wisconsin. Macy was 15 years old and weighed just 110 pounds at the time, but he carried a 75-pound pack on his back and a canoe on his shoulders.

He was carrying more than his weight.

“I kept hearing everyone saying, ‘Let’s not stop. We don’t need a break. We can do it. We can do this,'” Macy said, in a video you can watch at this link. “And I kept walking, and I just kept putting one foot in front of the other, and I thought I was going to die.”

After another 500 feet, he reached the end of the portage. 

“And they lifted this canoe off of my head, and a couple of people looked at me and sort of laughed,” he said. “But it wasn’t a derisive laugh. They were sort of laughing with me. My face was covered with dust from this long walk, and I had been weeping for about the last half mile. And there were these great tear tracks through the dust.”

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