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cub scouts


Seneca District Cub Scouts  

New to the Cub Scout Program? Meet Ethan, your new Cub Scout guide!

Ethan is a Cub Scout who will guide Scouts through each rank in the new Cub Scout Program. He'll appear in each adventure in their new handbooks, and he will always be a year older and one rank ahead of the Scouts. As Cub Scouts lean a new skills, they'll look to Ethan for encouragement, helpful tips, funny stories, and even some mistakes he's made (and learned from) along the way. Ethan might not be perfect, be he does his best and has a great time with his Scouting friends.

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2016 Cub Scout Camping Opportunities


There are so many wild adventures out there for your Cub Scouts this year! Take advantage of one of our 2016 Safari Adventures! 

This year's theme is sure to bring out your wild side! 
North Park Day Camp Registration is OPEN! CLICK HERE to register today! If you sign up and are fully paid by February 29th your unit will receive a special t-shirt for each BOY!

Looking for a little bit longer Safari? Get ready for more Lions and Tigers at one of our Summer Resident Camping Programs!

Check out what Heritage Reservation and Camp Seph Mack have to offer your Scouts!

Heritage Reservation - Camp Independence - Cub Scout Registration
Heritage Reservation - Camp Independence - Webelos Registration
Camp Seph Mack - Cub Scout Registration