What is the James E. West Fellowship Award

What is the James E. West Fellowship Award ?  

This award, named for Scouting’s first Chief Scout Executive, is a way of recognizing a Friend of Scouting in your unit or district and helps promote future excellence in Scouting. An organization or individual may also contribute in their own name demonstrating their support of and commitment to Scouting’s ideals.

This is a National Recognition of an individual in whose name a significant donation to the Laurel Highland Council’s endowment fund has been made. The individual so honored has the satisfaction of knowing that he or she is leaving a lasting legacy for Scouting.  

John “Trey” Walsh said of his Fellowship: “It was a statement from the Lodge that I had gone above and beyond what is ordinarily expected. This is reflective of James E. West for whom the Award is named. He was dedicated to seeing the continuation of Scouting as something above and beyond and so am I.”  

Dr. Mike Krutzek says of his Fellowship: “It is a considerable honor to have received the Fellowship. It dovetails nicely with the Cheerful Service values of the OA. To be recognized by such a service organization as the OA dovetails nicely with the James E. West Fellowship goals.”  

Gifts are safely invested in the Council’s permanent endowment trust fund. Only the interest earned from that investment will be used for current programs. The principle amount is never expended, so the original donation will remain and continue to support Scouting in perpetuity.    

The Fellowship may be awarded at any special event: a Court of Honor for the purpose; as a way of honoring a keynote speaker at an event; at a district awards banquet; a lodge event; a church service; and the like. The venue for the awarding should be among those who know the individual and appreciate his/her service to Scouting.   

While the James E. West Fellowship award is a national recognition, it is authorized and presented by the local council, Laurel Highlands Council. Each James E. West Fellow  receives a personalized Certificate suitable for framing, a Lapel Pin, and the James E. West Fellow Square Knot for his/her Scout Uniform. In addition the Fellow’s Name is inscribed in the Honor Roll of Fellows Webpage and on the James E. West Fellowship plaque in the lobby of Flag Plaza.