Who Should Be Considered for Recognition?

  • Silver Beaver Award Recipients who continue to Faithfully serve Scouting.
  • Council Board Members in recognition of their service.
  • Eagle Scouts who have been exemplary in their dedication to Scouting.
  • Outgoing Unit Leaders especially those who have served for long tenures in an exemplary way.
  • Vigil Honor OA Members who the lodge would want to recognize.
  • Other individuals who have received high honors in Scouting and should yet receive recognition.
  • Individuals who have never been recognized and should be especially those who are not registered in Scouting but have been supportive of Scouting in a significant way.
  • Deceased Scouters Some have given whole lifetimes to Scouting. This will insure that their names are not forgotten and that their work for Scouting is honored.