United Way

The Boy Scouts and the United Way

For many years the Boy Scouts and the United Way have partnered in important community projects. 

Many of you are invited to support the United Way through a workplace campaign.  Here are a few frequently asked questions that you may have about how your contribution benefits the Boy Scouts.

Q.    Does the Boy Scouts of America Laurel Highlands Council receive United Way funding?

A.    Yes, we receive funding in two ways:  allocations and donor designations.

Q.    What is the difference?

A.    Allocations

        Each United Way determines its own areas of need.  In most instances the Boy Scouts fall into a category related to children and youth on strengthening families.  The council then makes an application with the United Way requesting funding from that need area.  Allocations are awarded based on the amount of money to award; the number of programs requesting funding and the impact the Boy Scouts are making in the community.

        Donor Designations

        A person donating to the United Way may opt to designate all or part of their contribution to a particular agency(ies).  The United Way then distributes these dollars to the agency.

Donor designations are received from United Ways across the country as well as through the State Employee Combined Appeal (SECA) and Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) appeals.

Q.     Are there fees to receive donor designations?

A.     Yes, each United Way assesses an administrative fee to donor designations. Some are a flat fee others are a percentage of the contribution.

Q.     Should I designate to the Boy Scouts, will it affect the allocation?

A.     Designations and allocations are treated as separate funding pools and one does not impact the other.  Not all United Ways provide an allocation, so in those instances the only way the council receives funding is through donor designations. 

Q.    Will the council know if I’ve made a donor designation?

A.    That depends.  You must indicate on your enrollment form that you wish the Boy Scouts to receive your name; otherwise your designation will be recorded as anonymous.  The United Ways provide donor lists at the end of every month.  Those donors then receive an acknowledgement letter from the council.  If you do not receive an acknowledgement letter, chances are that your designation was listed as anonymous.

Q.    Which United Ways are the council in partnership with?

A.    The Laurel Highlands Council is in partnership with the following United Ways:

                                    United Way of Allegheny County

                                    United Way of Beaver County

                                    United Way of Bedford County

                                    United Way of Blair County

                                    County United Way (serving Allegany, Garrett, Hampshire
                                        and Mineral counties in Maryland)

                                    United Way of Greene County

                                    United Way of Indiana County

                                    United Way of Laurel Highlands

                                    Mon Valley United Way

 If you are making a gift to the Laurel Highlands Council through the United Way of Allegheny County please use the following codes:

                                    Allegheny County – Code 60

                                    Greene County – Code 4219

                                    Washington County – Code 4213

                                    Beaver County – Code 4211

                                    Mon Valley – Code 4212

                                    Jamison McCready – Code 1269086

Designations may also be made through the CFC (Combined Federal Campaign) and the SECA (State Employee Combined Appeal) campaign.

Join the Boy Scouts in supporting the United Way.  Please contact Amy Franz at amy.franz@scouting.org or 412-325-7910, if you have any questions.