Flag Plaza

The Flag Heart of America  - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Atrium PhotoFlag Plaza-Scout Center stands prominently and proudly at the base of Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle, a short distance north of the Mellon Arena. Flag Plaza is a part of a patriotic and educational legacy given to the youth of America by Vivian W. Lehman, in loving memory of her husband Chester Hamilton Lehman. The glistening whitestone building is entrusted to Laurel Highlands Council, Boy Scouts of America.

Flag Plaza, with its five stately flag poles towering to 80 feet, is an extraordinary sight! Here fly, twenty-four hours a day, the living 50-star American Flag, the banner of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the crest of the City of Pittsburgh, the ensign of the Boy Scouts of America, and one of the historic forerunners of Old Glory. Visit Flag Plaza ... for student, Scout, tourist, or non-profit youth group, Flag Plaza is at once a lesson in history, civics, and love of country.

A nine foot replica of the Statue of Liberty offers a stirring audible message.

Displayed in the Bicentennial Room are 13 original works of art, in addition to the inspiring "One Hundred Years Ago" painting from our Nation's Centennial celebration.

The Milton Caniff Gallery contains a collection of his original personal comments in pen and brush, plus July 4, 1976, salutes of Great American cartoonists.

View the "You Are the Flag" mural created by Milton Caniff, narrated by famed actor Jimmy Stewart.

Visitors will be able to ring an exact replica of the Liberty Bell (which was cast in the Whitechapel Foundry in London).Liberty Bell

For further information, tour guide arrangements, school visitation appointments, and for dates to observe the historic flag ceremony, contact the Flag Plaza host by: TELEPHONE (412) 325-7922 or E-MAIL us at: Flag Ceremonies