Frequently Asked Questions

1.       Q.  How was membership on the task forces determined?

A.  The Joint Study Committee, made up primarily of the two councils' Key 3s, selected the topics to study, the number of Task Forces required and the charters for each Task Force. Each council president then recruited a co-chair from their council for each Task Force. The Task Force co-chairs then consulted with the Joint Study Committee to decide the membership required for each Task Force to fulfill its charter. Each co-chair then recruited an equal number of Task Force members from their respective councils.      

2.      Q. How will information be shared about the process?

A.  This website will be updated periodically as the committees form appraisals and conclusions.  Decisions will likely follow the timeline that has been established and shared on this website.

3.      Q.  Will there be a name change if there is a merger?

A.  The joint study committee feels that if both councils determine a higher quality program can be delivered by merging operations, then it is likely a name change would occur.

4.       Q.  Is this a voluntary process, or is it mandated by the Boy Scouts of America?

A.  In service to youth, and desiring to provide the best quality program, either party could choose to join together or remain separate.  In no way is this a foregone conclusion or a mandate from the National Office of the BSA.

5.       Q. Would the Order of the Arrow Lodges merge?

A.   A meeting is being held with the key adult and youth of each lodge to study this matter.  Their findings and recommendations will be brought back to the study committee.  The joint Key-3’s of each Council felt it important to involve youth members in this process as the Order of the Arrow is a youth run organization with adult advisors.