Membership Resources

July 21st Membership Webinar PowerPoint

In an effort to serve you better, we sincerely hope that the information contained on these pages will aid you in recruiting new youth to Scouting.

Please do not forget to contact your Executive for assistance with anything, they are your resource and exist to bring more kids to Scouting.


Membership Packet Resources:

Flyer Request Form - Complete this form and email to us to request flyers for your joining nights.

GIANT list of little jobs – Big list of little things that need done in a Pack (a great way to get new parents involved!)

Family Talent Survey Sheet – An inventory of your parents and their skills, abilities and resources

Pack Promotion Ideas – Quick ideas to promote your Pack

Info Sheet – Example of a contact sheet to use for your Pack Pin Management Info – How to change and update your contact info on

Troop Open House Guide – Guide to holding a Troop open house

Troop Promotion Ideas – Quick ideas to promote your Troop