Q. What happens to the Council Service Center?




A. The Potomac Service Center will remain open for all Scouter’s Trading Post needs, and will serve as a location to drop off charters, advancement reports, make camp reservations, etc. Eventually, if a better location for a retail operation is found in the area that serves Scouter’s needs better, the Properties Committee will study the possibility of moving the location.  The intent will be to have a strong, visible Scouting presence and offer Scout families access to high quality service and supplies. 

Q. Will Camp Potomac be sold?

A. The Council Properties Committee will be working to improve the facility and increase camp usage with Scouting units, and will promote local community investment in the property.  All camp properties are evaluated during the strategic planning process to determine the best program utilization, and while there are no guarantees “forever” for any given property, there are no plans to sell Camp Potomac.  The Laurel Highlands Council has a strong record of success in managing multiple properties, and currently owns and operates 9 camps, all of which are seen as important assets to the Scouting program. 

Q. Will Ahtuhquog still be a chapter of the Laurel Highlands Council Lodge? 

A. Yes, the name can continue and will operate as a chapter of the Lodge.  Chapters can conduct their own events- often inviting other chapters or the entire lodge with lodge approval.  Members of the chapter will be part of the leadership structure of the Council lodge.  The lodge leadership can work with the chapter to best manage any remaining funds to benefit the youth of the chapter and the lodge. 

Q. Will unit numbers change? 

A. No, unless there are duplication problems, while rare, these are usually easily worked out. 

Q. Will Potomac be considered one district? 

A. The initial service plan is recommending beginning as one district to work on improving programs, building volunteer infrastructure and membership.  As the membership grows, the intent will be to form a second district as quickly as possible. 

Q. If money is donated from this area, will it stay in this area? 

A.  Scouting is made strong through local investment.  Local dollars will be invested to provide quality program for youth in the local area.  There is strong governance and transparency with the Laurel Highlands Council through the Executive Board, and the budget is planned to try to generate enough support to improve Scouting throughout the current Potomac Council territory.  Ordinarily, the cost of service is higher in rural areas compared to dense metro demographics, so the value of service to local youth will likely exceed local investment.  In other words, our “books are open”, and local contributions do not go to support Pittsburgh area youth.