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Sample standard and supporting documents for HS-510 First Aid Kits

HS-510  First Aid Kits (PDF)

HS-510 A First Aid Kit Contents (PDF)

HS-510 B First Aid Kit Wilderness Contents (PDF)

HS-510 C MEMORANDUM Contents of First Aid Kits (PDF)

HS-510 D Council Health Supervisor Position Description (PDF)

Templates for Standards and Resources  (Most of these documents are in Word format)
100 PD Program Design
Recommended Practice RP-100 RP-151 RP-152 RP-153 RP-154 RP-155 RP-156 RP-157
RP-158 RP-159 RP-160 RP-161 RP-162 RP-163
Standards PD-100 PD-101 PD-102 PD-103 PD-104 PD-105 PD-106 PD-107
PD-108 PD-109 PD-110 PD-111 PD-112
Resources Program Hazard Analysis Narrative
Program Hazard Analysis No. 2 
Program Hazard Analysis No. 860-009
200 PS Program Substantive
Recommended Practices RP-200 RP-251 RP-252 RP-253 RP-254 RP-255 RP-256
Standards PD-200 PS-201 PS-202 PS-203 PS-204 PS-205 PS-206 PS-207 PS-208
PS-209 PS-210 PS-211 PS-212 PS-213 PS-214 PS-215 PS-216
Resources Aquatics Staff Guide 2015
Aquatics Committee
Aquatics Supervision FAQ
ATV Program Application No. 430-044
Camp Staff Youth Protection Training No. 430-149
COPE Climbing - 430-500 Belay On WB
National Shooting Sports Manual No. 30931 WB
Personal Watercraft--PWC--Participation and Hold Harmless Agreement
Personal Watercraft--PWC--Program Application No. 430-045
300 PT Trek Camp
Standards PT-301 PT-302 PT-303 PT-304
Resources First Aid Log -- Activity No. 680-127
400 SQ Staff Qualifications & Training
Recommended Practice RP-400 RP-451 RP-452 RP-453 RP-454 RP-455 RP-456 RP-457
RP-458 RP-459 RP-460 RP-461 RP-462 RP-463
Standards PD-400 SQ-401 SQ-402 SQ-403 SQ-404 SQ-405 SQ-406
SQ-407 SQ-408 SQ-409 SQ-410 SQ-411 SQ-412
Resources Aquatics Supervision  34346
BSA National Shooting Sports Manual No. 30931
BSA National Shooting Sports Manual No. 30931-2015
Camping and Outdoor Guidelines 34786
Camping and Outdoor Program Committee Guidebook-2015 430 WEB
Council Family Camping Staff Training Guide 13-468
Cub Scout Camping Program 510-631
Health Officers Training Program No. 19-141 (PowerPoint)
Scouter Code of Conduct
Snorkeling No. 19-176
Summer Camp Staff Training Guide 430-037
500 HS Health and Safety
Standards HS-500 HS-501 HS-502 HS-503 HS-504 HS-505 HS-506
HS-507 HS-508 HS-509 HS-510 HS-511

 Camp Health Manuel No 680-048
Camp Health Model Policy and Procedure Manual 680-048
Council Guidebook to Enterprise Risk Management 680-026
Drug Administration Record Revised 2011
First Aid for Wounds and CPR 19-311
First Aid Log 19-217 WB Singles
Health Officer Training 2 (PowerPoint)
Health Officer Training 19-141 (PowerPoint)
HS-510-A First Aid Kit Contents - Council Supplied
HS-510-B First Aid Kit Wilderness Contents - Council Supplied
HS-510-C MEMORANDUM Contents of First Aid Kits
HS-510-D Council Health Supervisor Position Description
Incident Report Form 680-016 Fillable
Near Miss Incident Report 680-017 Fillable
Preparing Troop Leadership for Summer Camp 20-113, 2007
Program Hazard Analysis 680-009
Program Hazard Analysis Narrative Form
Program Hazard Analysis No. 2 Form
Resident Camping for Cub Scouts 13-33814, 2006
The Sweet 16 of BSA Safety No. 512-025 WB
Wilderness and Remote First Aid Reference Guide
Wilderness First Aid Curriculum and Doctrine Guidelines 680-008
600 FS  Commissary & Food Service
Standards FS-600 FS-601 FS-602 FS-603 FS-604 FS-605 FS-606 FS-607
Resources Chart Food Safety
Keep It Hot 34231
700 FA  Facilities
Recommended Practice FA-700 RP-751 RP-752
Standards FA-700 FA-791 FA-702 FA-703 FA-704 FA-705 FA-706 FA-707 FA-708
FA-709 FA-710 FA-711 FA-712 FA-713 FA-714 FA-715
Resources BSA Chain Saw Safety Training
Council Conservation Guide 430-022
FA-713 A MSDS ANSI Format 16-Section Blank Form
Unit Fireguard Chart 33691
800 AO Admin and Operations Mgt
Recommended Practice AO-800 RP-851 RP-852 RP-853 RP-854 RP-855
Standards AO-800 AO-801 AO-802 AO-803 AO-804 AO-805
AO-806 AO-807 AO-808 AO-809 AO-810
Resources Certificates Required to Operate a Camp
Incident Description and Reporting Instructions, No 680-033
Incident Information Report, No. 680-016 fillable
Near Miss Incident Report 680-017 fillable