Properties Evaluation Criteria Definitions


Definition/ Discussion

Natural land features  /  program potential

A measure of the extent to which the property has notable geographic features such as lakes, rivers, or exposed rock faces, etc. suitable for creating uncommon and excellent activities.                                                                                                       

Basic physical plant (all buildings)

A measure to which a property conforms to “The Basic Camp Property” standards defined elsewhere.  All of the physical structures on the property, their condition, and is there a program of regular maintenance in place?

Camp layout

In observing how the facilities and program areas are within the camp property, are they in a logical order, are they confusing, are they grouped well, or are they haphazardly placed within the property, or are they spread throughout the property with no logical relationship? 

Physical size / multiple programs

A measure of the ability or potential to support a financially sustainable population of campers with expansion capability.    

Natural resource revenue

 A measure of the extent to which there is non-camping income from harvesting trees, mining sand & gravel or oil production etc.  This measures the extent to which an offset the cost of operation exists


A measure on the necessity of the property for the delivery of program.  A measure of how the property fits into the Cub-Webelos-Boy Scout- Venturer- Explorer- Family camping continuum

Infrastructure  and utilities - roads, water, waste, solid waste, electricity

A measure of the current condition of utilities, roads and bridges. A measure of the probability of needed replacement of utilities within the planning horizon.  

Capacity of land (soil)

A measure of the capacity of the property to support current and future optimum loading. If capacity is added to a camp, a likely scenario, the soils must be able to absorb the additional liquid waste. You would generally not want a camp that cannot be expanded due to restrictions on liquid waste disposal

Distance to population center - for Cub Scout & weekend camping

 A measure of the location of camp within a specified driving time (60-90 Minutes for Cubs and Webelos) for a specified population

Additional Physical Plant

Physical facilities that add value (or not) to a property that are not part of “the basic physical plant” 

Accessibility - Weather (year round vs. seasonal)

A measure of the ability of the camp to stay open during all four seasons.

Land Use Restrictions

A measure of the ability to develop or sell a camp property. High Score = no restrictions.  Are there physical aspects, legal issues or documents, or anything hindering the development of the property? 


 A measure of the impact of neighbors on a given property, including the lake. Encroachment can be offset by buffer zones, if they exist.  No encroachment rate high. Encroachment rate low.

Cost to bring facility to a "B" level of appearance and brand reflection & be fully functional for needed use.

A measure of the avoidance of cost to bring the collective Basic Physical Plant to a “B” level of appearance.  The lower the cost, the better the property meets the criteria (hence the use of the word avoidance).   This will come directly from the facility evaluation.  Also includes "Feeding capability"

Proximity to other attractions

A measure of the potential the property has for creating uncommon and excellent off site activities, such as museums, recreational attractions, historical attractions, etc. Sites, play activities, learning venues, and historical knowledge attractions, and how far they are from the camp property. 

Natural resource revenue

 A measure of the extent to which there is non-camping income from harvesting trees, mining sand & gravel, or oil production, etc.  This measures the extent to which an offset to the cost of operation exists

Ownership - owned vs. leased

Property that is owned is preferred to leased property regardless of the length of the lease.  This a yes/ no criteria. The matrix will have 2 values)