Property Update

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To:         The Scouts and Scouter of the Laurel Highlands Council

From:    Richard Krapp, Vice President, Properties

Date:     Monday, January 16, 2017

RE:         Laurel Highlands Council Facilities Update

As of December 31, 2016 the Laurel Highlands Council (LHC) has ceased operations at Putt’s Camp; the camp is now being operated by “The Friends of Raystown”, a local non-profit.  The Scouts of LHC will still be able to use this camp for outings, but they will not reserve their sites through LHC. 

On Friday, January 6, 2017 the LHC closed on the sale of Camp Anderson.  The “Camp Anderson Corporation” purchased the camp and will offer it to scouting groups, as well as other youth organizations.  The sale of this property will provide much needed capital for investment in our other council properties.

The council is currently working on the sale of the Camp Joseph property.  When the property was donated to the scouts there was an encumbrance placed on the sale of one of the parcels that comprise the camp.  The encumbrance states in summary “if the council no longer intends to operate the camp, ownership of the property is to return to the donors or their heirs.”  The council has not been able to locate the heirs and is exploring other legal avenues to divest of this parcel.  The other parcel is unencumbered and will be sold.

A new rifle range is set to open at Heritage Reservation before Summer Camp 2017.  The current ranges at Camp Liberty and Camp Freedom do not meet the safety guidelines of the BSA National Office or the National Rifle Association.  The new range will be located near the current shotgun range and will be used by scouts from both Camp Liberty and Camp Freedom.  The new range will provide increased capacity over the two previous ranges combined and will allow better staffing for our shooting sports programs.  Additionally, as we move forward with the Camp Master Plan goal of turning Heritage into a world class destination camp, the location next to the shotgun range will create the foundation for the proposed “Heritage Shooting Sports Academy”.  We are very excited about the new range and the opportunities it brings.

The Ebensburg Office has been closed and the Scout Store relocated.  The new Scout Store is in the Johnstown Mall where we have high visibility, easy access and lower overhead cost.  Council operations have been moved to Flag Plaza.  The new Scout Store offers computer kiosks where Scouters from the area can enter information and take training classes as needed.

The LHC Properties Committee is committed to providing the best facilities possible for the Scouts and Scouters of the council and is working very closely with the Camp Master Plan Team and the various Program Committees to ensure we have a sustainable plan for the future of camping in the Laurel Highlands Council.  The Properties Committee will continue to provide updates as they occur.