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A Simple and Unified Approach Will Focus Unit Service Efforts

Unit Commissioner PatchCommissioners play an important role in unit service and unit retention, but their tasks are sometimes too complicated. In this article, National Commissioner Service Chair Scott Sorrels details how a task force is working to simplify the commissioner position in order to focus on four primary tasks. Read more.

National Commisioner Minute

Units depend on their districts to provide expertise and support programs. In this article, National Commissioner Tico Perez points out how the district committee can serve as a key resource for the commissioner corps. Read more

National Commissioner Service Chair

The retention of existing units is an integral task for commissioners. In “Proper New-Unit Organization and Unit Retention Is Critical,” National Commissioner Service Chair Scott Sorrels discusses how the New-Unit Retention Task Force is piloting the Unit Performance Guide. Read more

Recruitment and Retention


Voice of the Scout provides units an opportunity to improve the Scout experience. National Commissioner Service Recruitment and Retention Chair Ellie Morrison explains in “Two Important Meetings” how the Action Planning Meeting and the Mid-Charter Review can best use results of the national survey. Read more.

A number of changes are in store for the commissioner training program. Not only is the basic training being revamped, but the commissioner manuals and the College of Commissioner Science program are also being revised to better focus training efforts. Read more



The Unit Visit Tracking System is an important tool for commissioners. National Commissioner Service Resources Chair Darlene Sprague provides answers to frequently asked questions and tells how commissioners can offer suggestions for future enhancements to the system. Read more.

National Commissioner Service Roundtable Chair Daniel B. Maxfield shares some of the preliminary results from the Roundtable Study Project. Read more

BSA News

BSA Spotlight

As Mark Wappel moves on from his post as staff adviser to the National Commissioner Service Task Force, he reflects on the origins of the task force and the impact it has had on commissioner service. Read more

Panning for Gold: Helping units succeed remains the focus of the commissioners, but new techniques are needed to fulfill that mission. Find out about some new approaches to effectively lead unit commissioners. Read more

Regional Commissioners

Unit Commissioner Box Score

Chartered organizations are key to the success of Scouting, and charter renewal is key to the success of the unit. Southern Region Commissioner Dr. John W. Lea IV offers suggestions for helping a unit complete the charter renewal process. Read more

Here’s a look at the latest unit commissioner statistics from April 2012. Read more

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