On behalf of the international commissioner and Chief Scout Executive, the InternationalĀ Department of the BSA maintains communications with the World Organization of the Scout Movement and other national Scouting organizations to help provide international and American Scouts a broad Scouting experience. Among the services theĀ department provides are:

In cooperation with the council leadership, the council international representative sets up a communications and organizational plan that will make it possible to keep the council membership informed of the opportunities for program enrichment in the area of international Scouting.

An international letter of introduction is a document of the World Organization of the Scout Movement identifying Scouts and leaders who travel abroad, individually or in groups, as registered members of the Boy Scouts of America. Click here for more informationĀ and form.

The Direct Service Center, administered by the International Department, serves more than 5,000 American youths throughout the world who are members of diplomatic, military, and multinational corporation families, as well as others living abroad. Council emblems, unit program resources, and supplies are available to overseas units from the International Department. For more information, visit their website at

International training seminars and conferences for council international representatives and others interested in international Scouting are conducted periodically at national meetings and at the Philmont Training Center in New Mexico. Visit the Philmont Training Center website for updated information on scheduled events.